Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rusty's Schedule

Mom has asked me to post my daily schedule. She thinks I will see a TREND once I'm done. So here it goes:

6:30am I wake up to Lucy, my little sis, jumping all over me. Is it time for breakfast yet? What time is breakfast?

7:45am Breakfast time, YEA!

8:00am Time for my early morning nap.

9:05am Time for my mid morning nap.

10:15am I wake for a potty break, mom yells at me for peeing on her plants.

11:18am Time for my early afternoon nap under mom's desk.

12:18pm Moms making lunch, time to counter surf.

12:20pm Mom yells at me for counter surfing.

1:45pm Time for afternoon nap.

3:10pm Kids get home from school, I say hello then it's time for my late afternoon nap.

5:20pm Time for dinner, YEA BABY!

6:30pm Time for early evening nap.

7:00pm Time for chasing Cass & Lucy. Around, around, around we go.

8:15pm Time for evening nap.

8:20pm I wake to Cass sneaking off with my bone. Brat!

9:30pm After a busy day it's time for bed.

I just don't see a trend here.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lucy's Swim Lessons

Dear Mum,

Could you possibly tell Kevin that I DO NOT need swim lessons. I'm capable of swimming on my own (in and out of water).

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I see dead people

Today my mum was in the shower and I heard a noise. I started barking, to save her from the noise, but I couldn't stop barking. Even though dad was on an important phone call. So when she finally gets out of the shower, cuz I'm still barking, she tells me to "shush". Well, I really don't know what "shush" means, so I continue barking. Finally she ask dad why I'm barking and he says I see dead people.

What's a dead person? I was just barking at some big guy wearing a white leather and rhinestone outfit with a big pompadour haircut singing "you're nothing but a hound dog".